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January 18, 2017

This month has been a little quiet so far, as Januarys tend to go, so I thought I might bring back Minus & Plus posts as a way to share some random facts about our recent goings ons. It’s always a good way to force myself to find the positive… Highly recommended. I guess we could call this new apartment edition… But don’t act surprised that some baby related stuff snuck in there.

This abnormally mild January is wreaking havoc on my allergies. Cue emergency humidifier purchase – Thank youuuu, Amazon gift card Christmas presentssss.
This abnormally mild January! I’m usually “all board the blizzard train” (which sounds like a terrible train), but we’ve got maternity photos going down on Tuesday & no one is mad about the 60°+ forecast. Yes, please.

Radiators, man. Since it’s been pretty warm out, we’ve yet to see the good in how much heat these guys put out, & I’m pretty sure they wait to start knocking until the exact moment we get in bed.
There’s really only one out of four that we don’t seem to have on/off control over. Sure, it’s in the bathroom, the tiniest room in the house that rarely actually needs heat, but 1 out of 4 ain’t bad. I’ve lived with radiators once before in college, & we were 100% at their mercy, so I’m counting this blessing as a big one.

Inauguration week = slowly watch the city shut down street by street, shop by shop. & bonus: I get to try to drive OUT of the city tomorrow.
I get to drive out of the city tomorrow! Tart has an event on Friday night in Richmond, so while getting out the city is most likely going to be a nightmare, I get to leave & not deal with any of the weekend chaos. & it could certainly be chaotic.

Our new building is no longer situated practically on top of a Whole Foods, & our laundry is not longer located next to our kitchen.
The walk to our new grocery store is just enough to get this work-from-home booty’s blood pumping, & since it’s not the highest grossing Whole Foods in the US (true story), I rarely stand in a line wrapped around to the meat counter at 8pm on a Tuesday night. I’ve gotten back in the laundromat groove, with our basement laundry letting me do four (or 12!) loads at a time. I’d forgotten how amazing that part is.

We were able to opt for an internet only package in this new place, & since then, have already encountered two previously taken for granted cable events – The NYE ball drop (just background noise, you know?) & The Golden Globes (we are award shows junkies, it’s our one thing). Already trying to scope out solutions for the Academy Awards because omg.
We got to see La La Land, FINALLY, & loved it as much as we thought we would. I’ve had the soundtrack on constantly, & frequently wake up with it already stuck in my head. If you’re on the fence about seeing it, definitely go. I will tell you to expect a bit of a twist ending, since I think that’s why most people are having to see it twice. Not like a Sixth Sense twist, just different than what you’re expecting. I’ll stop now.

Speaking of waking up, my new wake up call is what feels like full body acrobats & stretches, which result in baby hiccups. I HATE having the hiccups, like, a lot, so my heart just BREAKS when the baby has them. Irrational, I know, since this is just little lungs/diaphragm practicing breathing but UGH. Let’s hope baby takes after its father, who is a freak that loves having the hiccups.
It’s definitely feeling like a little human in there, with more body parts bumping under my hand than ambiguous thumps. So weird but so beautiful… Pregnancy in a nutshell.

Tiny baby things that are not used for very long are expensive yet essential to keeping a tiny human alive/happy + mama & papa alive/sane.
But our baby registry is done & I can’t believe 1) how long it took to put together & 2) how proud I am of it. I want to show it to everyone, without expectations of gift purchasing, simply because it was so much work to create, ha. Much like fashion, most of the blogs about gift registry involved items that were very pretty but very expensive, so it took extra long since we needed 10 minutes to rationalize not needing the prettiest/top rated items & then another mmm 2 hours? to find the substitute we were comfortable with. Phew.
Babylist is amazing & they’re not even sponsoring me to say that.

I’m off to pack for 6 days of Richmond livin’, then to make this DELICIOUS brussels sprouts risotto. (We add bacon, because of course we do.) Copy me, I dare you!